Iraq: The new FDI frontier

Courtney Fingar offers a guide for exploring a fascinating and fast-evolving investment destination. 

Originally published with the December 2009/January 2010 issue of fDi Magazine.

Sponsored by the US government. Reporting and editing were carried out independently by fDi

Articles from this special report

Everything to play for
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Everything to play for

A muscular banking sector will make or break whether Iraq is to rebuild and prosper. And while there are increasing levels of capital inflow into the region, local banking infrastructure remains limited, leaving the sector wide open for foreign investment. Courtney Fingar reports.

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Business as ‘usual’

Iraq is open for business and already has a number of investors singing its praises. However, those considering setting up in the country would be well advised to ditch Western conventions and embrace the Iraqi way of doing things. Courtney Fingar reports.

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Comfort zone

As the flow of international business visitors into Iraq increases, the case for developing world-class hospitality facilities is becoming ever stronger, reports Courtney Fingar.

Who is investing in Iraq
From Locations

Who is investing in Iraq?

Data from fDi Markets provides a clear picture of investment trends in Iraq since the pivotal year of 2003.

Changing of the guard
From Locations

Changing of the guard

As the withdrawal of Western troops from Iraq gets under way, security operations are changing tack. Courtney Fingar reports on the implications for foreign investors in the region.

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Covering all the bases

Iraq’s FDI market is stirring and the risk premiums are coming down. But, says Courtney Fingar, the onus is now on insurance companies to keep pace.

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The lay of the land

The chairman of Iraq’s National Investment Commission explains how property law reform is allowing foreign investors to get a foothold in the country. He speaks to Courtney Fingar.

serious intentions
From Locations

Serious intentions

The drive to attract investors to Iraq can be seen at all levels of government and business in the country. With various sectors crying out for foreign money or expertise, getting in early will reap dividends, writes Courtney Fingar.

back in business
From Sectors

Back in business

Iraq has come a long way fast in the past few years. Violence and instability – for so long synonymous with the country – are making way for optimism and prosperity, a fact not lost on opportunity-hungry foreign investors. Courtney Fingar reports.

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