Klaipeda Free Economic Zone

Developing nations dominate free zone investment flows

Global free zones may be spurring development in less economically developed countries

West London looks to life after Brexit

A partnership between West London's local authorities aims to boost economic prosperity and business growth 

West Midlands launches £1bn tourism strategy

Ambitious targets have been set for the West Midlands’ tourism sector.

Brexit uncertainty sees decreased FDI to Northern Ireland

Brexit-related uncertainty has had a negative impact on inward foreign direct investment to Northern Ireland.

Bulgarian tech sees rising foreign investment

The number of job-creating foreign investment projects into Bulgaria’s tech industry rose by 300% between 2015 and 2018, according to fDi Markets. 

Denmark green-lights Nord Stream 2 as US mulls sanctions

The Moscow-backed €9.5bn gas pipeline is nearing completion, despite US opposition

Will six into

Is integration the answer for the western Balkans?

The western Balkans countries are attractive to investors seeking low-cost locations in Europe. However, a lack of integration is limiting the region's prospects. 

Jacopo Dettoni colour

Editorial view: What the Amazon can teach Boris Johnson on freeports

Manaus could provide the UK government with a surprising blueprint for resuscitating its free zone programme.

Frankfurt region chalks up Brexit victories

fDi hears Frankfurt’s pitch to finance firms looking to leave the UK.


Prague deputy mayor on the brownfield boom

Petr Hlubu?ek, deputy mayor of Prague, tells fDi about the city’s real estate opportunities.

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